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Youth Group

Don't be left out in the cold, come to the St Edwards Youth Group Winter Kick Off Meeting on Sunday January 8th in the Parish Center from 6 - 8 PM.  If you enjoy trips to New York City, Great Adventure, movie nights, music, food, friendship, laughter and faithful discussions amongst your peers, this would be a good time to join the St Edwards Youth Ministry.   We will be planning activities for the next few months.

The Youth Group had an action packed Fall Season here are some of the highlights.

Back in October we had the Fall Kick Off Meeting with many new members signing up.

The good news is that the new members are very active!

Our man Luke is quite the comedian!

The Diocese of Metuchen started the new school year with a mass for all the Youth Ministries in the Diocese.   The priest was recently ordained and delivered an awesome homily on new beginnings!

The Youth Mass has moved to the 12 Noon Mass on the last Sunday of every month.  Practices have been the 3rd Sunday at 1:00 PM in the church with lunch afterwards.

In November the Youth Group set aside 2 weekends to create Christmas Lumenaries to sell at the St Edwards Craft Fair.   The Christmas Lumenaries were well received and we had fun creating them. Thanks Mrs. Jeffries for the GREAT idea!

Before creating the lumenaries we must wash out the jars.  "Okay I'll wash and you dry!"

"How many of these are we making Mr. Brady?"

We have to keep all the elves well fed!

Mrs Jeffries setup a beautiful display table at the St Edwards Craft Fair.  We had Poinsettias for sale as well as the Lumenaries shinning brightly.  


"How about a cool drink and snack to go with your Christmas Lunenairy?"

The sale was quite successful.  We added money to the Youth Group account and even had some left over for our Christmas Trip to St. Patricks Cathederal.  

The Lumenaries that remained were used to light the way for Christ at Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

Every December the Youth Group creates wreaths that are delivered to members of our parish that have lost a loved one during the year and those that are shut-ins.  This year Shoprite of Greenwich was kind enough to donate twenty wreaths that the Youth Group decorated and delivered.

We started the day with a Pancake Breakfast.

Than we got to work on decorating the wreaths.

"I think the bow will look good here!"

Looking good!

Some of the recepients placed the wreaths on their doors right away.

Another time honored tradition at Christmas time is the Youth Group setting up the Christmas Creche at St. Edwards.

Two days after Christams the St. Edwards Youth Group Ventured into New York City for mass at St. Patricks Cathederal and some New York Pizza.

All bundled up and ready to go!

One more train to take from Newark and we'll be in New York.

Hang on it's standing room only!

Finally we made it to Herald Square.

Okay everyone find Waldo in this picture!

St Patricks Cathederal at Christmas time.

Lighting a candle for the St. Edwards Youth group.

Central Staircase at the New York Palace. 

We made many friends in New York City as always.  I hope they make it to the next meeting!

After the long walk and mass everyone was hungry.   We had a bit of a wait at John's pizza this year, but everyone said, "It was worth it Mr. Brady and Mrs. Jeffries!"

The late afternoon  rain  shower did not deter our enthusiasim for watching the skaters.

Resting comfortably and chatting freely in the "Loud" car.  

After a long trip there is nothing better than a nice nap!

Here are the highlights from the 2010 - 2011 Year.




Sing out!

A reading from the Book of John...

Happy Sunday!

St Edwards celebrated Milford's 100th anniversary with the Bike Parade sponsored by the Youth Group

Time to register all the bike riders!

This is going to be great!

Off we go!

Cruising down Bridge Street!

Prize Time!

One of the yearly traditions is the Youth Day at Six Flags Great Adventure.  This year we left the Parish Center in the rain.  By the time we arrived in Jackson New Jersey the rain chnaged to a slight mist.  Eventually the sun came out and it was a great day.  Our prayers on the way were answered.
The park was empty except for the all the Catholic Youth Groups ie roller costers forever with no lines!

We are ready to go!

We are all buckled up!

Destination Kinga Kong!

Let's relax on the Flume Ride!

Dangerous curves.

Thank the Lord it was a warm day!

This is a ride we all can handle!

Youth Mass in the stadium with all the Catholic Youth from the state on New Jersey.

More exciting events from 2011 to come on the web site stay tuned...

Youth Goup - 2009 - 2010

A reading from the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians...

A Reading from the Acts of the Apostles....

Another aspect of the Youth Mass is the Youth music program.  We have many talented musicians in the  Youth Group.  Before mass the Youth Group hones their skills.

"Okay Mr.  Brady we are ready to go!"

The Youth Mass was moved to 12 Noon on Easter Sunday.  What a Glorious day!

In February the Youth  Group ventured off to Warren Lanes for some Bowling fun.

Another strike!  Hey where can I buy those cool shoes?

Food, drinks. bowling, we even has a lengthy discussion Dorothy Day's march to Sainthood.

Just look at all the smiling faces!

In March the Youth Group ventured back to New York City for the Catholic Underground. Presented by the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal the Catholic Underground is an evening of Adoration, Prayer and Music.  It was a rewarding and spiritual experience. 

In the spring we visited the shut-ins of the Parish. We gave them flowers, laughter and joy,they gave us the opportunity to experience the love of Christ.


Erinie is an old friend of the  St. Edwrads Youth Group.  We met on  a cold December day when delivering a Christmass Wreath.  Ernie invited us into his home andd warmed our hearts!

Erinie is all smiles as usual!

In the spring the Youth Group participated in the annual Easter and Mother's day flower  sale. The proceeds benefit the Youth Group.  Thanks to all who participated.




In May the Youth Group attended the Annual Catholic Youth Rally at Great Adventure.  The Youth Rally is attended by all the Catholic Youths in New Jersey.  The day is filled with a safari ride, food, roller coasters and culminates with a Mass in the stadium.

Donde esta Jorge?

Where is my old buddy George.

After a short car ride we are ready to roll!

"Away we go!"

"Mr. Brady I'm not too sure about this ride"

George has found  the keys to the Kingdom!

All buckled up and ready to flip over again and again and again!

George with his hat out trying to raise money for the St. Edwards Youth Group.  Thanks George!

You have heard of the  game "Finding Waldo", how about "Finding Starr"?
Hint she's grinning from ear to ear.  Woo Hoo!

Let's all gather for the Holy Mass.

George getting ready to take up the collection.


Receiving the final blessing from the Bishop of Camden.

Heading off into the night like all good Super heros. 

One last stop on the way home for some brick oven pizza.  Looks like George  had a hard day.

The St. Edwards Youth Group will hold it's winter kick-off meeting on Sunday January 10th at 6:00 PM in the Parish House.  We have many exciting events scheduled including a Youth Mass the last Sunday of every month and the Diocesan Youth Day in February.
Please bring your ideas, calendars and schedules.  We will plan events for the next few months.

We've been having a great time so far this year participating in numerous events. 

Here are some highlights.

The St Edwards annual Christmas pilgimage to St Patrick's Cathederal for mass took place on Monday December 28.  We bundled up our coats, donned our hats and slipped on the gloves for the trek into New York City.


If we huddle together we'll stay warm.

Sit back we are going on a train ride!

How did they get this train up to the 9th floor in Macy's?

We found the  Christmas Tree at Bryant Park.

The 42nd street library.  Does any one have a library card?

After a visit to Santa Land and Bryant Park, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is in sight.

Daily Mass and a Christmas Homily at one of the most well known cathederals in the land.

Mr. Brady we are hungry!

The brick oven pizza was worth the wait!

Let's see 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 whew. I have'nt lost anyone yet!

The famous Christmas Tree at Rockerfeller Center in NYC.  This tree was originally erected by construction workers during the depression in celebration for the being employed.  Their paychecks were hung from the branches on Christmas Eve.

Hey Mr. Brady we are down here already on the train!

It's been a long and tiring day. All we need is a nice nap.

What a great day!  Can we please stop for some hot chocolate?

Thanks to Tom for the delicous donuts and wonderful hot chocolate.  The perfect finish for an uplifting day!

The St. Edwards Youth Group had a party in December decorating Christmas wreaths for those in the parish that lost a loved one or are shut-in. 

Hmmm where does this pine cone go?

We have another one complete!

The food arrives and I'm left with all the work!

Actually I think I'll start with the cookies.

All done!  Now it's time to deliver.

It was cold snowy and blustery day but we managed to visit and deliver all the Christmas Wreaths to our wonderful parishioners.

In November we enjoyed a pot luck supper and a movie.

This stew smells good!

Yes it tastes as good as it looks!

Please pass the pop corn!

The St. Edwards Youth Group created 40 Rosary Beads for the children in Columbia.  The children made their First Holy Communion in December and Lisa traveled to Columbia to hand deliver the Rosaries.  It took a us little while to figure out the knots and the threading of the beads.

Hold steady now.

Just pull the thread thru the little bead like this....

This appears to be the correct length.

Let's see 10 beads for each decade, than there is the Our Father bead....

How do these look?

It took two weekends but we finally finished!

For Diocesan Youth Day the St Edwards Youth Group wrote and performed a song titled "Close the Gap" with a Chorus consisting on the following lyrics

Tune in close the gap
you don’t need a map to find the way
your life is now back on track
the past is yesterday

the past is yesterday
The theme of the song was a person who had moved away from Christ and decides to come back.  After being away he realized that true true happiness is living with Christ.

Pratice Practice Practice makes perfect

Altogether now!


Time to Rock Out!

A good day was had by all!

It's Springtime and that means it's the season to sell Flowers for Easter and Mother's Day.  The proceeds help St. Edwards as well as the Youth Group.

Just look at the smiling faces on these volunteers.

Open for business!

In late May the St. Edwards Youth Group took a trip to Great Adventure.  We enjoyed the safari, the rides and a great barbecue.   The day ended with a group mass with Catholics from the entire state of New Jersey.

We are all smiles now, just wait til this cup starts spinning!

When you ride rollercoasters all day, a carousel ride is just what the doctor ordered.

Waiting for Mass to begin.

We are taking this show on the rode!

We tried to get George in the photo but he insisted that "Real men don't wear pink!"  Oh come on George!

The St. Edwards Youth Group celebrated the Christmas Season in fine fashion.  We traveled by train to New York City for mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Afterwards we toured the Cathedral, ate lunch and took a walking tour of midtown Manhattan.  We covered a lot of ground and no one got lost! 

On a cold windy train platform in Annadale we await the arrival of the 9:30 am Raritan Valley train to New York City.


All aboard and we are on our way!

So this is Herald Square!

Come on we are going on a sleigh ride up Fifth Avenue!

Merry Christmas Chalie Brown!

St Patricks Cathedral, the largest Roman Catholic cathedral in the United States.

The main altar where the St Edwards Youth group heard an awsome homily and received Holy Communion!

The St. Edwards Youth Group standing in front of the crèche at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Back in 1931 the construction workers were so happy to be employed at Christmas time during the great depression that they placed a Christmas tree in the mud and on Chrismas Eve their pay checks were placed on the green branches.  The tree has is a little bit bigger these days!

Angels we have heard on high! 

It wouldn't be Christmas without a wooden soldier!

After some hot chocolate at Starbucks it's off to see the train display at the Citi Corp building!

Choo Choo!

"Mr Brady how far is Central Park from here?"  "Oh not far at all, follow me"

With the moon rising over the New York City skyline we head for home!

With rosy cheeks and warm hearts we sit back and enjoy thre ride back to St. Edwards!  

The next Youth Group event will be a meeting on Sunday evening January 11 at the Parish Center.  We have many exciting events to plane for over the next few months! Please check the Parish Calender for details or for more information contact Joe Brady Phone: 908 995 2560 Email:

'Amen I say to you, as long as you did it for one of these, the least of my brethen you did it for me.' Matthew 25:40

The St. Edwards Youth Group was busy on Saturday December 20th creating the Christmas centerpieces for those in the parish who have lost loved ones this year and for the shut-ins.  Despite the snow, ice and frigid temperatures youth group members and their families came together for pizza, hot chocolate and the chance to spread some love in celebration of Jesus' birthday!

We are Santas elves!


St Edwards Youth Group members, friends and family after the work is done, look at all these smiling faces!

On Sunday after the snow and ice storm the wind howled but the sun shined warmly upon the Youth Group as the Centerpieces were delivered.
Special thanks to Rebecca and Deanne for trudging through the snow and slippery ice to 18 homes in the St. Edwards Parish.

The next Youth Group event will be the New York City trip to St Patrick's Cathedral on Tuesday December 30.  Please check the Parish Calender for details or f
or more information contact Joe Brady Phone: 908 995 2560 Email:


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